Lipovac Reyon 3, 2’48”, color & sound, Lipovac Serbia 2008


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In this research process artist is questioning inhabitants moving according to map. Artist is in the role of popular heroes, interrogators, from “X files” TV series, Molder and Scaly. Like the two of them artist ‘’intrude’’ into peaceful village unhesitating to discover the truth: does Aliens visit area of Lipovac Reyon 3? With sketches in her hands artist is showing possible look of Alien to inhabitants. By her own appearance, wearing big dark glasses behaving as FBI agent, artist provokes astonishing reaction. Some of the elements of this fictive scenario, which is transformed into real, talks about humanity and seeks the truth of the universe which is ironically questioned by artist. This work in its very own way investigates connection between the two worlds and close encounters between people and Aliens. Aliens sometimes appear to be like ‘’others’’ who are unknown to us, but at the same time they are like ourselves permanently modifying in interaction through the network.

Thanks to: Mara Prohaska Marković,  Maida Gruden and Aleksandrija Ajduković