We Humans Have Many Objectives, 1’50”, color & sound, 2009


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The narrative of this video clip is based on statement of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa, the muster of martial arts, but its twisting sensible touch is in relationship between human skill that is performed by 12 year old boy, Tai Chi Cheng Style, and performance of Machines which simultaneously are repeating movements  in the rhythm like they are dancing.  It opens the question of similarities and differences between human being and machine that is, ironically, made by human. With or without machines the statement of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa is irreversibly dependable which goes like this:
‘My philosophy of success is that throughout our life we humans have many objectives. And as you move closer to this ultimate goal, you must remain satisfied with yourself and try not to have too many disagreements on the way. You must try to be humble in your attitude and, in the spirit of Zen or Budo we call this “Mushin” Mushin means an empty mind which is in a state of total control and concentration, so that you can arrive at your objective in life which is the mental attitude you need in your journey to find success in your life.’
This is one of the aspects of contemporary life which has many ways of appearing in pluralism of stiles and ways of living combining politics, economy, social life, culture and technological development.