Replicant & Ladybird, 1′ 44”, color & sound, 2009


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The topic presents human senses and how fragile they are. The accent is made on skin, tactility, human eye as the most fragile organ in our body. Tactility is emphasized with touch of ladybird on hand in first plan of video. It speaks about ‘philosophy of the body’ that is changing with the increasing of new digital media and changing of perception and reception of the real through digital incorporation into actual life.

If we think about notion of ‘classical’ representative art we could say this is a self-portrait, since picture of authors face appear in video, but the work explors ideas and layers of different meanings and sites of the real and we should not keep attention to the obvious visual representations, but find the  meaning on the level of human senses and sensibilities. The repetitive movements of hand and eye, compulsively fast movements of hand and eye in the video, while the ladybird is standing on the hand and keeps tension. The sensible touch of ladybird on skin of hand is emphasized with the fast repetitive compulsive movement of hand and eye, like ‘unfamiliar’ of digital incorporation into the realm of contemporary time.  Should we consider feelings that makes us human and on the other side feelings of non natural behavior, feelings of new age cyber space being call “Replicant”, exploring different feelings and senses that attach us to the world, and simultaneously lead us to the cyberspace of video games, to the connection between the world, humans in that world, and cyberspace with cyber world that is connected to the real of contemporary reality. The work deals with relation between actual and virtual.