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                                      2020: A RESTROOM CULTURALITY
                                 What is Contemporary? – Beograd, ULUS
                                 What is Contemporary? – Istanbul, ULUS
                                       Cité internationale des arts !
Lucida Gallery,Interweaving. Dragon, Heaven and Earth.
                                           SAATCHI ART – Isidora FICOVIC
              Belgrade Art Show – announces the exhibition at Gallery FLU
                       Belgrade Art Show interview with Isidora Ficovic  
                                        My works on Belgrade Art Show
                                       Teatar MIMART – e baza umetnika
U10 Gallery, Back to Now, international group project
                                              Culturalities – Daichi Misawa
                                         Border Disorder / network of artist
                                    TIME IS LOVE curated by Kisito Assangni
Interface Culture
                                    Interactivity in drawing/writing gesture
Interface Culture’s blog
Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University (“From paintings to electronics: an outlook from Interface Culture” Isidora Ficovic’s lecture).
ARS Electronica

                    Speculum Artium 2015 – Tiago Martins, Andrej Uduč




            Apartment project Berlin  -Everything is gonna be alright

OVERLAPPING Biennial 2012

SEECULT – Interview with Isidora Ficovic

ISCP, International studio & Curatorial program, NY, USA


The Last Newspaper, Latitudes 2010-2011, participation at New Museum, New York

Black Rabbit, DKSG, Belgrade 2010



next code: love / works #14

Steirischer Herbst / next code: love / Graz Austria 2007


Depo / Istanbul

Here-There-Abroad project / Rum 46 Aarhus / Denmark

Mangelos nagrada

Alternative / film video festival / Belgrade

Real Presence / Generation 2001

Ladyfestwien festival / Vienna  Austria 2004

00130Gallery / Helsinki Finland