Spinning Top/ Topaç, 2’23”, color & sound, Istanbul 2009


link to the video

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This video leads us to the streets of Istanbul and children who are selling Spinning Top/Topaç on those streets, especially in front of Sulejmanija. It is one of the social issues taking care by the Republic of Turkey Governance of Istanbul Child Protection Team. This fragment shows idea of social performance and play as performing action on streets, both by children playing with spinning top that they are selling and Republic of Turkey Governance of Istanbul Child Protection Team, that is responsible for taking care of children who are selling souvenirs on streets. Spinning Top is traditional toy in Turkey, but is also souvenir for various tourists coming. The work has social existential content. In understanding of human behavior play is one of the essential parts that opens possibilities for new contexts, approach to the real, changing and transforming the real. Here notion of play is one of the aspects of Contemporaniety. Through play people are expressing their life, performing sport or video games; entertaining industries are important part of contemporary societies.