Interactive Fountain Pen


(the proprioception gesture, body movement, communication)

How to apply old world values to a new world technology regarding the art field. The human touch in communication is easily lost in today’s digital age. The communication through the computer as technological tool includes the interface of buttons, screens, and keyboards. How could be developed sensible-tangible-tools for enabling users to communicate with digital data reading, creating aesthetical value? What about handwriting as the method for digital-information-flow by using certain objects or tools that make difference to a typewriting, a proprioception aesthetic. Multimodal thinking in the period of technological developments depends on the physicality of an interface, how tools are constructed, designed and appropriated for bodily sensorium of users. This project is about producing interactive artwork for playful participatory action using an interactive fountain pen and the gesture of proprioception triggers a sound. 

pictures and video  here

sketches for the interactive fountain pen, a different movement of gestures in space, lines of gestures trigger a sound.