Badminton Art Intermezzo, 2’25”, color & without sound, collaboration with Mark Brogan, Belgrade 2005


link to the video

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The work happens in four plans on green surface. Two actors, man and woman, play badminton in first plan, in second plan is a promenade path, in third is a car road and in forth is a railway line. All plans are activated in moments, passengers, cars and train in the back corresponds with the main scene underlined by speed effect on the static surface.

Text by Nataša Skušek

Recreation day. Static in the frame as painting. Points are articulated from first to third plan back and forward. Articulated elements from left to right in passive composition. The happening is minimal and informative. The story is insignificance for the inference of the video.

Text By Mladen Stropnik

The First price of the video festival “Video tapestry”, Velenje, Slovenia 2005.