Something is eating us, 8′, color & sound, Kraljevo, Serbia 2007


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The very title Alien both to the position of a foreigner in such a monocultural environment as Serbia is today (after so many years of cultural and social isolation), and the position of contemporary artist in a surrounding that is hostile to non conventional types of artistic practice and which does not provide sufficient institutional support to new and different artistic and cultural projects. The workshop on the Alien topic, included also little local detours, organized in order to familiarize with the local cultural topics and places of cultural and social significance, as well as with the spaces of cultural tension, exclusion, and non excepted otherness (perhaps the most striking example of that is the Chinese immigrants community). The video work ‘Something is eating us’ was developed under the Alien topic, in the form of interview that was taken on the streets and public places with the local people including Chinese working in market halls and flee markets, video gives the knowledge about how the citizens, majority and minority, feel and what do they think living in the city such as Kraljevo. The Chinese community started to be present in Serbia from the late 90’ under the Milosevic government when Serbia was isolated country. That period of 90’ in Serbia made local people alienated and with the coming of Chinese people, settled in Serbia, that fact among others started to change that situation and it influenced on local people to be more open, though in the beginning was like ’Aliens’ look at each other. The video is researching those relations.