sound interactivity in the gesture of drawing – drawdio 2015

 Hand gesture and electronic circuit for sonification of drawing  

Drawdio – Jay Silver’s original designed kit. It’s the contemporary electronic tool for drawing music. 

How does the drawing look like made by Drawdio?
 Metaphorically, growing-drawing are growing like plants, instead of water there is a sound which stimulates growing of the drawing.

 Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz


The experience of drawing action with Drawdio is significant for the flow of electronic sounds. The sound was controlling the outcome of drawing in a process and has priority over the hand gesture. Therefore, lines are an expression of the sound through the motion of the hand gesture.

The process of sonically drawn lines; the abstract form of drawing process, a hand is following an electronic sound, the electronic circuit is triggered by graphite’s conductivity and skin; hands gestures draw and close the circuit simultaneously.