Ratman, FLU Gallery, Belgrade 2007


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The installation of four paintings and five hundred “mousses” on the floor of FLU Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade. The “mousses” are running in determinate direction towards black curtain.
The five hundred ‘’mousses” running in determinate direction towards black curtain are represented behind the curtain in virtual space. The digital video installation behind the curtain shows pointers (computer mousses) that are going fast in different track lines, as real mousses are running in the nature. The humorous way how to perceive actual and virtual reality that we are confronting almost everyday, at home, on our jobs, on streets, clubs and restaurants; using internet, mobile phones, software programs, video games, consuming advertisements on billboards, screens , television daily. Internet cafes are full of children playing virtual basketball games using mousses as tools for playing instead of hands on real courtyards with other children. All that is motivation for making installation with computer mousses interrogating digital and actual of the real.

The paintings are representations of the transformed human being into Ratman, under influence of digital incorporation into daily life.