Colony 2001, Isidora Fićović, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamezdin, Predrag Terzić and Branisla Jakić, Remont Gallery, Belgrade 2005


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Colony 2001 was initiated during an acquaintance with Montenegro hotel-owner and investor  Nedeljko Burzanović Nedjo. Burzanovic sponsored the workshop aimed at production of artworks  intended for decoration of luxurious hotels along Montenegro Coast – hotels in Budva, Sutomore, Susanj and Bar  owned by Talas  Turs Company. Beside Isidora Fićović, leading the project in collaboration with Mr.Burzanovic, colony was attended by young Belgrade artists Pedja Terzić, Bane Jakić and Jamesdin.

A fact worth mentioning is that the whole project was  entirely produced by Talas  Tours, a company that made certain demands regarding the themes of paintings such as authentic seaside landscapes, images of Monastery of Ostrog, particular saints, etc.

Faced with such a chellenge, these Belgrade artists made quite successful works,depicting the taste of mainstream Montenegrin art public (and wider).