Open space, PLATFORM Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul 2006


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The ambient installation of daily newspapers, Alan Ginsbergs poem“Howl” written on the walls, drawing and carpet of newspapers.

Daily newspapers without articles, just few pictures left. Alan Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” on the walls. Carpet made of newspapers. Drawing. The newspapers were bases of information about actual situation in Turkey and wider during residency period on Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul 2006. Unknowing Turkish language, informing was coming from pictures. The newspapers without texts with few pictures left; pictures of solders in cage also as terrorists attacks are fixed to the ground of studio, visually creating drawing with different character of lines. The work Open Space is metaphor. Actualizing political, economical, social and other aspects of everyday life. The installation is metaphor of collecting daily newspapers that was coming up in Istanbul in period September- October 2006; On the other hand writing of poem “Howl” on the walls evokes the period after WWII in USA. Allen Ginsberg is best known for his poem Howl, a long poem, attacking American values of the 1950s. The words of the poem are written on the walls in several big columns and every column with its form creates drawing. Newspapers are symbolizing actual time and space, existence in a curtain place and time, which is in this case Istanbul in autumn 2006. The words of the poem “Howl” on the walls are leading us back in time, in the period and atmosphere of fifties of 20thCentury on streets of NYC, period after Second World War. Bringing these two different periods, different places, different occasions and time in one installation, make us discover similarities and possible relations between those two contexts and specifics of the real. Representing present through rethinking past and rethinking past through actual moment.