About Isidora’s artistic practice

Isidora Fićović is among the most influential and widely acclaimed artists of her generation in Serbia.

From drawing, painting, photography, performance, video art to multimedia installations in kaleidoscope of subjects, Isidora Fićović’s unique participatory works offer alluring spaces for thinking with unexpected connections exploring everyday life and occasions of different places, cities, countries, cultures as well as cartoons, movies, TV news or newspapers articles and metaphorical elements, examine the intersection of diverse subjects and controversy, and explore the boundary between the organic, actual and the artificial, virtual reality.

Having been raised partly in Yugoslavia, Isadora’s practice is influenced by various political, social and cultural manifestations of diverse nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and cultural transformations enabling her to understand necessity of change and vitality of thinking.

She recontextualises elements of everyday life such as social performance, rock an roll songs, music, history, movies and other art works, to create altogether new circumstances that shift the viewers consciousness and sense of time in contemporary space. Her work prompts an intensive engagement with the world and a fresh consideration of everyday life in ironic and experimental way.

The Work Samples spans Isidora’s diverse range of artistic production which includes installations, large scale environments, sculpture, photography, objects, painting, drawing, video and booklets, and rethinking of relations between those media.