What’s Contemporary Belgrade 2011, ambient/video installation Magacin/Dom omladine. Cultural Center DOM OMLADINE is organization of City Council of Belgrade. Arts Programme Manager Anja Obradović. Photo by Aleksandrija Ajduković

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The video work in Magacin Belgrade is exposed in the ambient installation as the first half of gallery space is filled with still frame photos of participants in video sorted into a film strip on one wall and the opposite wall of that space is marked with the words NON PRODUCTION.
Why NON PRODUCTION? It’s a strong expression statement of the whole situation combining economical, social, political atmosphere of country and it’s capital and positions of the artist’s existential and professional needs within that atmosphere where the production is literally the water, a basic need to keep these kind of shows rolling. It’s the basic need of art.  NON PRODUCTION is a statement for rising awareness that should not be just thought about it, but take it in consideration to bringing it into action.
It says LETS DO!
NON PRODUCTION simply says LET’S DO!!! here.
I hope you can and you will enjoy the show.

More about the video here.