What is Contemporary?, 14′, sound & color, Belgrade 2010. Camera: Isidora Fićović Editing: Arvin Kamberi Subtitle: Nataša Bikić

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What is Contemporary?, video 14’, Belgrade 2010
The work explores the question “What is Contemporary?” among the local art community in Belgrade, Serbia.
It have been included an increasing number of artists, art historians and curators, relevant in the creation of artistic spirit of the capital and beyond, both today and in the previous twenty and thirty years.
With Era Milivojević, Raša Todosijević, Zoran Popović, Jovan Cekić, there is also a generation, younger group of local contemporary art scene, the presence in the work of their individuality and subjective responses are given the contemporary record of a moment and immortalized digital record.
The author of this work gives the viewer a glimpse into who were members of Belgrade’s contemporary art scene and integrate them through their answers to the question “What is Contemporary? ” in the area of digital video and provides constant review of the time phenomenon-now.
One answer that appears in the work, Miroslav Karić (art historian / REMONT):
Contemporary? You want it in some time frames, do you / is that it?
For me, contemporary represents everything that was made, if we talk about art that is, in the last ten years. So, everything that is current so to speak, if we are talking about art, right, and I hope we are talking about art. So, yes, as I have already said, if we are talking about kind of art production, everything that was made in the last five to ten years is actually contemporary for me, so kind of current situation so to speak.