Polizei/Police / e-mail correspondence by Zoran Erić 2008

Eins, Zwei, Polizei…
Dear Isidora,
After browsing through the photos you have sent me, I have to ask you several questions. At the first moment „connotations“ of the set pieces are more than obvious: sex games, cigar as Phallic symbol, inversion of Power, playing with rules (taking photos, smoking, crossing the yellow line) in the midst of the “State Repressive Apparatus” and the place of power.
We could still include elements like position of foreigners from the countries that are not part of the EU and that need Visa travel permits to enter Austria, human trafficking, etc
But, what I find the most intriguing is that this whole situation has arisen spontaneously, as a part, of your, as you described it, breaking into a Police station.
I feel that this moment is the key element for understanding of this story.
How your communication did go? What did you exactly asked him to do and how did he react to that?
I am interested in which way representative of the Law has reacted on an artistic performance and what was his understanding of the Art?
Did he think of himself at that moment as of representative of the Law, or did his private inclination to perversion or even to S/M games come to the fore?
Is this his personal position or maybe part of the new police training procedural where identifying with the ‘oppressed’ is important for the official to stop him from crossing the boundaries of his position in similar, real life, situation?
I find this part the most interesting, and for me personally photos arranged in a line, there just to document your artistic action, are the most convincing and juxtaposed with the aesthetization of the situation and fragmented scenery, that as I mentioned earlier, could be understood as a set situation chock full with stereotypes and common place situations.
I am eagerly awaiting your response and further details of your actions.
Zoran Erić