Maja Ćirić text on “Light travels faster to us than sound” exhibition, Vienna 2015

“Light travels faster to us than sound”

Artist: Isidora Fićović

This project is a direct effect of Isidora Fićović’s exposure to the interdisciplinary regime of knowledge at the MA program Interface Cultures in Linz. Hereby presented artworks are the visual manifestation of her lonag-term participation in the field of interactive art, at the crossroads of art, science and research-based technology. The project consist of four parts: 1. RGB Geometry (A Light Touch, Touch the Painting); 2. Forma 24 (Tai Chi form); 3. Drawings are growing like a plant fed with water, the hand is following bzzzzzzzzzz-sounds” – these abstract drawings are made with Drawdio pencil (Draw + Audio); 4. Series of photos made in the Image Manipulation Program that double as a documentation of Fićović’s creative processes.

Reaching out is what Fićović does. She makes a quantum leap from so-called basic mediums of painting and drawing, to the hereby manifested multimodal dimension of painting, that depends on the interaction and manipulation. She reaches out to the audience, and allows for their participation in the model that the artwork will take. With a help of technological devices she performs a gesture of drawing light with her movements of body, as it is in the Form 24 when she performed with eight ipods attached to her body. She moves from perceptive approach inherent to painting and drawing to the sensory experiences that interactive devices allow for. In conclusion, all of this would not have been possible if she did not reach out from an interdisciplinary position of playfulness and openess, that allows for the manipulation of the image and releases creativity in a way that it has immeasurable consequences.

Maja Ćirić, independent curator

“Light travels faster to us than sound” exhibition pictures here.