recent work – Book X

click here Book X (2007 – 2012)

It’s about urban life and transformations we have locally as well globally in last few years,
turmoil of economical crises that have infected countries all over the world and new ways we are all looking for. In the “Book X” works are made during 2007-2012 on different places; started in Salzburg, Austria, in 2007, continued in Istanbul, Lipovac and Belgrade in following years till 2012. The last pages in the book are drawing-collages made of bills and relies on the shopping fever; spending money on daily bases in supermarkets, but as well in shops as are Stradivarius or Zara and other fancy places for fashion look and appearance that is important these days. Of course we could question all this and revise what is the Point. That’s why this material would be followed by David Bowie song call “LOve Song” (1968) –
Listen carefully and think about it! – it’s the title.