ISCP, NY 2010/2011 (supported by Ministry of Culture-Republic of Serbia and TMU,NY)

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Isidora Ficovic made few new works during December – January 2010/2011 in New York. RABBITS WALL, NEWS (newspaper drawing on the wall of studio which represents shooting of the movie in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Angelina Jolie), NEW YORK FUN, YOU WANT MISS ME and TOMORROW.

The shape of rabbit on “RABBITS WALL” comes from street in Berlin where the artist, Isidora Ficovic, took photo of metal sculpted rabbits on concrete slabs in 2009, which are placed on street in the area where The Wall was dividing the city on two blocks in 20th century. There is a story that only rabbits could pass from one side to the other, from East to West Berlin and vice versa, jumping through a small holes on The Wall. If we shift that symbol of a rabbit to the contemporary time of our lives, the rabbit could be a symbol of speedy globalized world characterized by mobility of people, by developing technology that allows wider communication and crossing of borders. Visually “RABBITS WALL” juxtaposes itself with the pop art tradition.