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Colony 2001, Isidora Fićović, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamezdin, Predrag Terzić and Branislav Jakić, Remont Gallery, Belgrade 2005


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The three men in swimming trunks danced on send in the gallery. The dancers went in Suntan Parlor to prepare their skin for dance, good simulation of summer atmosphere in wintertime. The Clash’s’ song ‘Train in Vain’ was playing in the back! It underlines the ironic position of artists in wider social context of society in transition as Serbia is.

The performance happened in Remont Gallery Belgrade, Serbia, 2005. The video documentary of the event was screened on Pixeldance Video Art Festival Thessaloniki, Greece, 2006.

In Between, Alte-Saline International Summer Art Academy, Salzburg 2007


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The serial of actions with different materials as rubber, wire, pillars, bicycle and body that express challenge how to think about sculpture in a new way, experimental developing, which is deviation of traditional manner of sculpture. The wooden space had the atmosphere of uncanny and it was a scene that was recognized for the actions that was performed every day for two weeks. The everyday actions had character of play and rethinking the substance of used materials also as rethinking the notions of different mediums and their transfusion. This work exists in the process which is recorded by digital camera.

Polizei/Police, Landespolizeikommando Salzburg, Salzburg 2008

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The photography made at the Landespolizeikommando Salzburg where action with Austrian policeman took place. Exploring the new developments in contemporary photography artist went to the Landespolizeikommando Police station in Salzburg and made interaction with policeman. The action took place inside of Police station, which is by itself breaking of rules, since inside of public institutions, police stations and banks, in Austria is not allowed taking of pictures.
The other ideas of the work deals with displacement and migration, the circulation of signs and systems, the redefinition of public and private realms, transformation of the role of government worker as policeman, inversing the function of policeman considering power relation.
The photography was installed in Nancy Davenport class “Emerging form of image”, International Summer Art Academy Salzurg, Austria 2008.